Causes of a Brown Vaginal Discharge

The causes of a woman having a brown vaginal discharge type can be quite serious. One of these possible causes is gonorrhea. Gonorrhea causes a fever if it travels into the fallopian tubes. It also causes a woman to have painful intercourse along with the brown discharge, increased urination, and a sore throat. Some women also have a lot of abdominal pain depending upon how far the infection has gone into the system. If you notice any of these symptoms which I am describing here, it is important to talk to your doctor about that.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, is a very serious medical condition in women that are carrying infection in the uteral lining. There is also an intermittent fever, bleeding after sexual activity, brown vaginal discharge or other color, tiredness, chills, no appetite, and lower back pain. Sometime Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is cause for hospitalization. This is because of the fact that aggressive treatment with antibiotics may be required.

If a woman is having any genital warts, this may create a brown vaginal discharge. There are other symptoms such as a rash on the vaginal area, a mass that appears in the genitalia area, a lot of vaginal burning, and a general feeling of discomfort.

A Chlamydia infection may also frequently cause a brown vaginal discharge, along with intense pelvic pain and upset stomach, weight loss that is not intended, and sometimes a discharge that can also be more yellow. Chlamydia is commonly contracted from an infected sexual partner.

A very serious possible cause of brown vaginal discharge is also cervical cancer. Other than that, cervical cancer causes a lot of vaginal bleeding, pain, and the discharge is also foul smelling. Cervical cancer has a better chance of recovery if detected really early, otherwise if not, this cancer is very deadly since it travels through other organs and metastasizes.

Sometimes when a woman is transitioning into her menopausal years, it is not always uncommon to have a brown vaginal discharge. Other signs of having menopause are hot flashes, dryness in the vaginal area, painful sexual intercourse, and also pain during urination. Menopause can be treated by giving replacement hormone therapy for estrogen.

Vulvovaginitis is cause for a brown vaginal discharge. This ailment is a type of an inflammation on the vulva and vaginal area. The discharge in this case might also be yellow in color, along with other symptoms such as burning in the vaginal area, and urethra pain.

In any case, a brown vaginal discharge needs medical examination. As you can see, most of the causes of it can be pretty serious and need diagnosing and treatment right away.